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Photographs of and around London

My name is Malcolm Locker and I am a photographer, although I have also been called other things! In 2005 I stared to visit London on a regular basis and I decided to record the places I went to. I have now created this personal project dedicated to pictures of London. Great Britain's capital city, London is a great place to look around - how I would love a pad there! Always somewhere to walk to, somewhere to walk from and interesting places in between. My intent here is mainly to cover some of "Visitor's London" and the images reflect this. I hope that you enjoy my work!

By clicking on the image below you will be taken to a page where you can sit and enjoy over 260 flash images at your leisure, in gallery mode. Once in there, by clicking on the 'Play' button it plays automatically, taking about 25 minutes to complete. MUSIC: For your comfort and convenience I suggest you put on a record or the radio as there's nowt here! A glass of wine, tea or coffee would also be a nice touch. (Don't forget the biscuits or olives...).

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List of picures on the site

Aerial View of London HMS Belfast South Bank - behind it
Baker Street HMS Belfast 0 South Bank - Manga in old County Hall
Barbican HMS Belfast 1 South Bank Green Electricity
Barbican 2  HMS Belfast 2 South Bank illuminated cement mixer
Barbican 3 HMS Belfast 3 South Bank Oxo Building lights
Barbican 4 HMS Belfast 4 South Bank walk - amber tunnel
Barbican 5 HMS Belfast 5 South Bank walk - Blackfriers tunnel
Berwick Street Market- London HMS Belfast 6 South Bank walk - blue tunnel
Big Ben and national flags Horse Guards Parade South Bank walk - forest within
British Museum Bike Rack Hotel with tiled facade South Bank walk - fountain people
British Museum Courtyard Houses of Parliament -  Richard the Lionheart South Bank walk - illuminations
British Museum Courtyard 2 Houses of Parliament - in front South Bank Walk - lights
British Museum Courtyard 3 Houses of Parliament - Victoria Tower 1 South Bank Walk - more lights
British Museum Front Houses of Parliament - Victoria Tower 2 South Bank walk - photos near City Hall 1
British Museum Lost Tiger Houses of Parliament at night South Bank walk - photos near City Hall 2
British Museum Reading Room Houses of Parliament from above South Bank walk - tunnel with history
Buckingham Palace - Changing of the Guard Houses of Parliament protest South Bank walk - tunnel with history - detail
Buckingham Palace - in the Sun Hyde Park 1 South Molton Street Christmas Lights 1
Buckingham Palace - Lantern 1 Hyde Park 2 South Molton Street Christmas Lights 2
Buckingham Palace - Lantern 2 Hyde Park 3 - squirrel Speeding Police launch on the Thames
Buckingham Palace - Lantern embellishment Hyde Park 4 Windy Day St James's Park - Pelican
Buckingham Palace - outside 1 Jewel Tower and Westminster Abbey St James's park on a rainy day
Buckingham Palace - outside 2 Kensington - tunnel to the museums St Pancras Station
Buckingham Palace - outside 3 London - Big Ben Clock Tower St Paul's & Blackfriars reflections
Buckingham Palace - outside 4 London - Black & Gold St Paul's Cathedral
Buckingham Palace - Queen Victoria Memorial, Man, Tools and Lion (an everyday occurrence!) London - Camden Lock 1 St Paul's City view
Buckingham Palace - Queen Victoria Memorial 1 London - Camden Lock 2 St Paul's View 1
Buckingham Palace - Queen Victoria Memorial 2 London - Camden Lock 3 St Paul's view 2
Buckingham Palace - Queen Victoria Memorial 3 London - Corner detail St Paul's view 3
Buckingham Palace - Queen Victoria Memorial 4 London - Galleria roof St Paul's view 4
Buckingham Palace - Queen Victoria Memorial 5 London - Houses of Parliament at night reflecting in the River Thames St Pauls 1
Buckingham Palace - Sentry London - London Eye at night reflecting in the River Thames St Pauls 2
Buckingham Palace - windy day London - Parliament at night St Pauls Cathedral across Millenium Bridge
Camden Market 1 London - subway entrance St Pauls Cathedral at night reflecting in the River Thames
Camden Market 2 London Buses St Pauls Millenium Bridge Vista
Carnaby Street - Kingly Court London Eye St Pauls Reflections
Carnaby Street - Kingly Court 2 London Eye from Westminster Street cleaners
Carnaby Street - Kingly Court 3 London Eye in the Evening Street Hut
Carnaby Street - Plaque London Eye Lunar Light Thames Barge at Albert Embankment - Vauxhall
Carnaby Street Christmas Streamer Decoration London Eye Supports Thames pleasure boat
Carnaby Street entrance London Eye Supports2 The Anchor on Londons South Bank
Carnaby Street shop 1 London Street Entertainer The Mall, London - Carlton House Terrace
Carnaby Street shop 2 London Undeground - Baker Street The Mall
City Hall London GLA HQ London Underground Baker Street The Mall - Horse Guards 2
City Lights over Thames National Film Theatre The Mall - Horseguards 1
City reflections National Theatre - comfy seats The Mall walk
Cleaning the gum off National Theatre - foyer act 1 Tower Bridge at Night 1
Covent Garden 1 National Theatre - foyer act 2 Tower Bridge at night 2
Covent Garden 2 National Theatre foyer act 3 - Ooh La La! Tower Bridge opening
Covent Garden Station National Theatre foyer act 4 - Ooh La La! Trafalgar Square - Lion
Crimea Memorial National Theatre foyer act 5 Trafalgar Square - National Gallery
Docklands Vista Natural History Museum dino Trafalgar Square - Nelsons Column
Door Knocker at London Dungeon Natural History Museum extinct hippo like creature Trafalgar Square - what the birds think of it all
Edgware Road Station Natural History Museum front of building Trafalgar Square - when the birds are away
Embankment - Golden Jubilee Bridge Natural History Museum wall detail Trafalgar Square  and Christmas Tree
Embankment - a Wet Day Near Edgware Road - street furniture Trafalgar Square  Fountain
Embankment - Golden Jubilee Bridge Struts New Globe Walk Trafalgar Square Christmas Treee going up
Embankment - Golden Jubilee Bridge Struts 2 Oxford Street Henry Heath hat factory Trafalgar Square Christmas with Nelsons Column2
Embankment - Magnificent ShellMex Clock Oxford Street roofs Trafalgar Square Fountain at Night
Embankment - Price Waterhouse Cooper building Picadilly Circus lights Trafalgar Square King George 4
Embankment - Price Waterhouse Cooper building at night Picadilly Circus lights - Anteros meets cola Trafalgar Square National Gallery
Embankment - Shellmex Building Picadilly Circus lights - billboard Trafalgar Square National Gallery & Christmas Tree at night 
Embankment - Shellmex building at night Piccadilly Circus at Night Trafalgar Square National Gallery entrance
Embankment view 1 Piccadilly Circus Horse Sculpture Trafalgar Square pigeons 1
Embankment view 2 Platform nine and three quarters - Kings Cross Trafalgar Square pigeons 2
Eros on sale 1 Portland Place - Duchess Street facade Trafalgar Square pigeons 3
Eros on sale 2 Post Office Tower Tube escalator
Freemasons Hall Regents Park 1 Tube Tunnel 1
Globe Theatre Regents Park 2 Tube Tunnel 2
Globe Theatre close up Regents Park 3 Twin Towers Tunnel Vision!
Gloucester Road Station Regents Park 4 Japanese Garden Tunnel Vision
Green Park 1 Regents Park 5 Japanese Garden University of London
Green Park 2 Regents Park 6 Japanese Garden Victoria & Albert Museum courtyard at night
Green Park Gates Regents Park Duck 1 Victoria Tower Gardens & Houses of Parliament 
Greenwich Old Royal Naval College - across the river Regents Park Duck 2 Victoria Tower Gardens walk
Greenwich Old Royal Naval College - Chapel Regents Park Italian Garden 1 View across to the London Eye from Westminster
Greenwich Old Royal Naval College frontage Regents Park Italian Garden 2 View down Thames
Greenwich Old Royal Naval College nearby Hospital Regents Park Italian Garden 3 View from Embankment
Greenwich Old Royal Naval College nearby Nelson and the O2 Regents Park Italian Garden 4 View over to St Pauls Cathedral
Greenwich Old Royal Naval College Painted Hall 1 Regents Park Italian Garden 5 Wall Carvings
Greenwich Old Royal Naval College Painted Hall 2 Regents Park Japanese Garden 1 Warren Street buildings
Greenwich Old Royal Naval College Painted Hall 3 Regents Park Japanese Garden 2 Welsh Guard's Drum
Regents Street Welsh Guards on parade
Regents Street Alliance Life Office Welsh Guards parading
Regents Street Christmas Lights 1 Westimster Street Seller
Regents Street Christmas Lights 2 Westminster - Lambeth Bridge 1
Regents Street Christmas Lights 3 Westminster - Lambeth Bridge 2
Riding House Street Doorway Westminster - Victoria Tower Gardens
Window Christmas Carol _ Harrods1
Window Christmas Carol _ Harrods2
Window Christmas Carol _ Harrods3
Window Cleaning